of Angola's oil production is supported through SONILS.
At SONILS we believe in a better future for everyone around us. We believe that together we can achieve the most daring dreams. We believe in us and we believe in you. In the context of its social responsibility, SONILS has developed the program dubbed “SONILS ACREDITAR/SONILS BELIEVES”, which aims to provide local communities with conditions that favour their development with a greater focus on the education and environment sectors.

SONILS believes that together it is possible to do more and better !


Regarding of its social responsibility, SONILS developed a program called “SONILS ACREDITAR” that aims to provide to local communities conditions that favors their development, with a huge focus on the sectors of education and environment.

Is in this regard that Sonils have requalified “Mercado Comunitário Caranguejo” of Boavista, which was inaugurated last Wednesday on February 3rd of 2021 by Comunal Administration of Patrice Lumumba, ingombota´s district.

The inaugural act was presided by Dr. Maria Antónia Nelumba, President of the Administrative Comission of the City of Luanda, with the presence of Eng.º Rui Duarte, Administrator of Urban District of Ingombota, others members of comunal administration and guests.

Aiming to improve people’s quality of live and community’s in general, the market then opened was built in 5 months and it has a sales space of 96 stands, office for the manager, 2 wc’s and a laundry.

Present in Angola for 25 years, SONILS, LDA (SONANGOL INTEGRATED LOGISITIC SERVICES) is a logistic base in support of oil and gas industry, taking 60% of oil operations in Angola.

Its services goes by the supply of specialized logistic installations (offices, storages, including logistic personnel), cargo handling for more than 82 companies of oil sector internationally renowned.

Employing over 700 national colaborators, of an integrated infra-structure capable of supplying network communications, transport, energy, water and restoration supplies, in an autonomous and shared way with its clients, SONILS allows a greater incentive to investment easing the operations in the sector, making them more efficient and economically favorable.


Certificate of Merit "City Friend"

On the occasion of celebration activities to 445 years of Luanda city, Sonils Lda, was hovered with Merit Certificate “ City Friend ” in act occurred on Monday January 25 th in the atrium of the green zone of Alvalade in Luanda city.

The distinction have been done by the Administrative Commission of luanda city, through it’s president Maria Antónia Nelumba, in a ceremony that included several prominent figures of the city, some of which deserved as well similar contemplation.

Under the social responsibility Sonils have developed a program denominated “ Sonils Believe” through which actions are developed that aim to provide local communities with conditions that support the development and better quality of life.

Sonils believe that together is possible to do more and better.

Congratulations Sonils, congratulations Luanda City

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