SONILS is a company that excels in the rigor and respect for standards, customs with regard to Safety and preservation of the Environment and the consequent impact of its actions on the community and sector in which it is inserted. This culture requires the direct involvement of all its Employees and partners and is encouraged and promoted on a daily basis.

Thus, every year, on the last Friday of February, SONILS holds an event called “Safety Day” or “Safety Day”, framed in the educational and acculturation program of aspects related to Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (SSQA).

For this year, the theme chosen was “ECO LIFE-SUSTAINABLE SAFETY”, aims to strengthen the safety culture within the SONILS Base, highlighting the importance of an ecologically conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Encouraging the adoption of practices and choices that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact, promoting the conscious use of natural resources.

It is in this context that we respectfully address our invitation to all Employees and Partners, and to you in particular, whose presence will honor us, to join SONILS in the activities programmed for this purpose, namely:

On February 23, starting at 9 a.m., there will be a race, “SAFETY RUN 2024 –