SONILS and Porto de Luanda renewed, on December 17, 2021, the concession contract that extends the provision, by the latter, of a maritime port area, to SONILS, for a period of 20 years.

 The agreement, signed by both SONILS Directors, the General Director and Deputy General Director, Emílio Costa and Otília Viegas, respectively, and by the CEO of Porto de Luanda, Alberto Benge, was attended by the Secretary of State for Petroleum, José Barroso, the Secretary of State for Transports, Carlos Borges, the Administrator Osvaldo Inácio, among other senior staff of both institutions.

 On the occasion, during his speech, Osvaldo Inácio thanked the team that took part in the process, for their dedication, and reiterated the importance of SONILS for the operations of companies of the oil sector, mentioning that “first, the renewal of this concession contract, for another 20 years, is a fundamental step. SONILS is a strategic asset for Sonangol, for the entire oil and gas sector, and for the country, since a large part of offshore oil exploration and production operations are carried out with the support of the SONILS base. One of SONILS’ great challenges, at this time and for the future, that we place on the team, is to evolve – in essence – to transform its business model, from a logistics center to a hub of fully integrated services in support of the industry. And the renewal of this concession allows, as our CEO said, SONILS and its customers to project this future with safety”, he concluded.