On November 28, 2018, a delegation from the 2nd Conference and Exhibition on Local Content in the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa (ALC 2018), made a technical visit to the SONILS Base, as a practical example of Local Content in action. It was received by SONILS Commercial and Contracts Coordinator, Mauro Saraiva. The entourage was made up of representatives from the LAC member country, Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as companies and organizations such as Oceaneering Angola, ISP Apave, AME Trade, APPO, among others.

As the second largest oil producer in Africa and having successfully implemented its Local Content program, Angola was chosen for the second time to be the ideal destination for bringing together experts from the international oil and gas industry. The conference is organized by the African Organization of Petroleum Producers (APPO), the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum of the Republic of Angola and the AME Trade Trade Organization, and addresses current Local Content policies for the sector, regulatory frameworks and as well as the demonstration of some success stories in these matters.