da produção de petróleo em Angola é apoiada através da SONILS.


SONILS is a company composed of 8 Directorates and has a universe of 751 employees, from which 99% of its Human Capital is Angolan, and which values ​​the continuous investment for the development and training of its staff, for both present and future challenges, both technically and behaviourally.

Throughout its 23 years, the company has grown and developed policies and practices of Human Capital management, creating conditions for a work environment conducive to all its members. SONILS always seeks to attract the best professionals by guaranteeing them the possibility of growth in a multicultural work environment characterized by mutual trust and respect, where inclusion and diversity are valued. Recruitment procedures are based on the principle of equal treatment between candidates. SONILS recruits professionals for the operational and support areas, not only integrating senior profiles, because many of our needs are met by young profiles that demonstrate growth potential and ability to quickly integrate into our organizational culture. All candidates selected for recruitment processes are subject to a rigorous and impartial process of behavioural and technical evaluation.



The aim of the internship at SONILS is to provide the consolidation of technical knowledge through on-the-job development actions that promote technical improvement and interpersonal relationships. It is intended that the trainees are provided with:

The perception of the contrast between the business reality and the school/academic reality and that stimulates the future insertion in the profession.

Opportunities to use the knowledge acquired during the course, in solving concrete situations at SONILS.

Added value of knowledge for SONILS and for the trainee.


Internship (curricular)

These are internships carried out at the request of high school/technical/vocational/higher education institutions or on the candidate’s own initiative and for a period not exceeding 3 months.

Professional internship

These are internships carried out at the request of high school/technical/professional higher education institutions or at the candidate’s own initiative and for a fixed period of time between 6 months and 1 year.

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