In celebration of World Environment Day, SONILS held on Monday, June 5, the installation of two Ecobarriers along the Suroca River, in order to contribute to the reduction of the amount of solid waste that reaches the sea through that important drainage channel of the river waters of the city of Luanda.
The date was created by the UN on the 5th

June 1972, during the Stockholm conference, with the intention of drawing attention to environmental problems and the importance of preserving natural resources. This year, World Environment Day, was celebrated under the motto “accelerate the restoration of the land, resilience to drought and desertification”.

The initiative carried out within the geographical limits of the logistics base was attended by representatives of the Government, namely its Ex. Enga Sandra Nascimento, National Director of the Environment, and her Ex. Dr. Paulo Furtado, Administrator of the Urban District.


*Eco-barriers are floating structures that, when placed transversely in river beds, enable the containment of the flow of floating waste, mostly made up of plastic and disposable materials.