Part of its Social Responsibility actions, SONILS donated to the members of the National Association of University Students with Disabilities – ANEUD, about 50 wheelchairs and 150 Canadians.

The association aims to provide people with reduced mobility with greater independence, comfort, and conditions so that they can play their roles in society, thus contributing to the social well-being of all.

The act of delivery took place on the premises of the Faculty of Architecture of Agostinho Neto University.

On the occasion, the Director of Corporate Relations, Pedro Oliveira, said that for SONILS, it is a moment of paramount importance because it represents a gesture of solidarity and also the possibility of greater mobility and independence, “we want that through the means that will be given to you, you can face each day with more comfort, and more dignity. We hope that these tools will open doors, bring down barriers and allow you to participate fully in life in society. “Also present was the Director of Administration and Support of SONILS, Paulo

Teixeira, who reinforced the company’s commitment to the community, “this gesture does not stop here, it is our intention to extend a solidarity hug, whenever possible.”

Finally, the President of ANEUD, effusively thanked SONILS for the donation, and said that this act will allow greater inclusion of people with disabilities in society.